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  •     Principal's Message

    We invite you to become a part of our St. Anthony Catholic School family where our students not only receive a strong, quality education, but also a chance to grow in their Catholic faith.  If you would like to visit St. Anthony School, please call the school office and set up an appointment for a visit.

  •      School Information

    Office Hours
    8:00AM - 3:00PM
    School Hours
    Closed for Summer
    Contact Information
    Office Phone
    (812) 282-2144
    Office Fax
    (812) 282-2169
  •      Mission Statement

    St. Anthony School exists to provide all students from preschool through eighth grade an exceptional education in a supportive atmosphere based upon Catholic values and tradition. St. Anthony School will afford students the opportunity to learn and develop as individuals in the community, creating a living example of God's love. Our school nurtures the unique talents and abilities of our students, preparing them for high school and beyond.  St. Anthony School serves families of all faiths and backgrounds while providing its students with Catholic values, which stress responsible, social, intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual growth.